The app

We have created an app to collect, share and spread the locations that you choose to place your stickers. The app was built by the software developers of Aliens Are Among Us. The app has a simple format. When you open the app, you'll see the map of Amsterdam. This map will show the locations where other users have placed a #ISTHISART? sticker. These locations will be shown by small red dots. The map functions to invites you to search for the stickers yourself.
The app will also enable you to add your own sticker to the map by simply uploading their photo that includes location data.
After you have uploaded your photos in the app, you'll be asked to share your photos on different media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter- and you will be directed to these platforms. All together the locations will create one big public open-air art exhibition made by and for the people of Amsterdam.


See location

The map shows you where people found an artwork and placed a #ISTHISART? sticker next to it. Use this information and go look for the artworks in real life!


Add artwork

Take a photo of an artwork you found in a public space and add it to our archive. Become part of our community!


Share artwork

Share the photo of the artwork within your network via Instagram or Facebook and start a dialogue about art!